1877 Brussel (Belgium) - 1952 Leiden (The Netherlands)

Chris van der Windt is considered part of the Leiden School. He was born in Brussels as the son of a Belgian-Dutch father to move to Leiden with his mother and brothers after the latter's sudden death. At technical school he learned the trade of house painter and with this trade he supported the family for many years. From 1896 he took drawing lessons at Lampe's drawing school and in his spare time he made study trips through the South Holland landscape around Leiden. Around 1900 he finally chose the profession of painter. He was self-taught and soon developed mature skill in his sketches and watercolors. His work was soon appreciated and exhibitions followed at such well-known art houses in The Hague as Maison Goulpil, Boussod and Valadon & cie. In 1911 he exhibited at the famous art gallery D. Sala and sons in Leiden. This brought him to the attention of the painters of the Hague School. Through Josef Israëls, Chris van der Windt is admitted to the Hollandsche Teekenmaatschappij. Eventually he also receives an invitation for an outside membership of London's prestigious Royal Academy of Arts. He sells his works in the Netherlands and abroad. With his success, the family's financial problems faded away. The untimely death of a brother and a few years later his mother caused the grieving van der Windt to withdraw more and more from society. He died in 1952.

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