1885 Amsterdam - 1964 Zeist

The title of Renée Smithuis' book on Filarski is: Wandering Painter of the Bergen School. Herein lies succinctly the elements that typify Filarski. He was never in one place for long, always looking for new challenges and inspirations with Bergen aan Zee as his base of operations. He was educated at the Kunstnijverheidsschool Quellinus in Amsterdam where he met Dirk Smorenberg, among others, and from which a lifelong friendship developed. Various patrons enabled Filarski to lead a free artistic existence, place of residence remained Bergen. Here, around 1910, an artists' colony arose, including Leo Gestel and Else Berg. Filarski previously painted in colorful luminism, experimented with a new expressionism, went back to more somber colors only to revisit detail and color. Landscapes and still lifes are favorite subjects. Switzerland, Italy, France, Norway and, of course, Holland are the countries where he painted. He participated in dozens of exhibitions and was a member of Het St Lucas guild. He left an extensive oeuvre. His work can be found in several Dutch museums as well as in many private collections.

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