1893 Nieuwer Amstel - 1965 Amsterdam

Ger Gerrits' artistic talent was recognized early in his life. A formal education was out of the question because of the family's financial circumstances, and he began working in a print shop at the age of 15. From there he would develop into a graphic artist, designing posters and advertisements, among other things. From 1930, he established himself as a free artist. He was able to depict everyday motifs in a stylized realist style akin to New Objectivity. Although a member of the artists' associations De Brug and De Grafische, he felt most at home with De Onafhankelijke. Although Gerrits had clear leftist sympathies, his work was apolitical. His political commitment is evidenced by his partial participation in the protest exhibition D.O.O.D. (The Olympiad under Dictatorship) in Amsterdam in 1936. Artistically, he co-founded "Creation": the first full abstract artists' group after De Stijl.

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