1868 Amsterdam - 1951 Hilversum

Scherrewitz was the son of an Amsterdam stockbroker and was expected to work in this trade as well. His loved painting, however, and he took lessons from George Jan Hendrik Poggenbeek. He moved to Laren and Hilversum in 1898. He preferred to paint forest landscapes such as in Brabant, the Veluwezoom and Lage Vuursche. He also painted a lot on the North Sea coast, always in the style of the Hague School, with autumn colors. In his work you often see shepherds with sheep, fishermen with their barges, carts and horses, and farmers with cows: simple people, lovingly painted. He sold his work especially in the United States, England and Scotland, where the work of the Hague School was in great demand. Accordingly, Scherrewitz made little effort to exhibit or sell in his own country as well, in part because interest in the Hague School had bottomed out here after 1914. Scherrewitz died in 1951, aged 83. You can see his work at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede.

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