1914 Amsterdam - 2005 Hilversum

Jan Sluijters Jr. lived in Amsterdam, Baambrugge and 's-Graveland. 
He painted, drew and created watercolors. His choice of subjects is diverse, which includes many cityscapes especially of Amsterdam, but also of other cities he visited during his travels. He traveled in Italy, Morocco, Spain and France. In Baambrugge, he painted his own surroundings, the landscape and the mansions along the Amstel River. He himself called his style impressionistic, with expressionist features. He used a loose smooth technique seeming to effortlessly paint figures, houses and traffic in the busy city. He preferred to paint city scenes seen from above, such as from the office of a friend who was a harbor master. He painted with a lighter palette than his father. Those pastel shades give the work a very personal character. In his youth he regularly posed for his father. He was not educated by his father, but he did see a lot of his studio. His father did not interfere with his painting and said: 'You go into town to draw.' They seemed to have deliberately distanced themselves from each other as artists. As the son of a famous father, it is not easy to be compared to the father. Sluijters jr. will undoubtedly have suffered for it. Sluijters jr. painted a lot during his life, but he did very little as an artist. Unjustly, we think. In addition to painting and drawing, he made film documentaries for companies. He did not have to earn a living from art, but the urge to paint always remained.

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