1878 Granville (France) - 1942 Algiers (Algeria)

Born in Granville, on the French coast of the Channel Islands, Carré developed at an early age a talent for drawing. He is known as a " décorateur", an illustrated and an Orientalist. After having studied with various artist in Rennes he left for Paris at the age of 19 Carré began his artistic career painting narrative scenes of Parisian streetlife. In 1900 he contributed to the Salon des Artistes and in 1905 to the Salon des Independents. That same year he left for Algiers never to return permanently to France. He became an important Orientalist culminating in the 144 illustrations of the 12 volume edition of the " Arabian Nights" published in the 1920ties by Piazza. After marrying the painter, Anne Marie "Ketty" Lederer (1882-1964), the couple set up a villa at Abd-el-Tif where a number of Oriental artists were already established. In France he made several large decorative works in public buildings on commission. In 1936 he received the order of Chevalier de la Legion d' Honneur.

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