1894 Amsterdam - 1986 Amsterdam

Initially Wim is educated as a house painter at the Crafts School in Amsterdam. He then becomes the assistant of C.A. Lion Cachet and will work as a designer in addition to painter in his life. Throughout his life he travels extensively through Western and Southern Europe. After an expressionist initial period, he finds his way, through various related movements to (magical) realism. 'The master of gray' is his subtitle. Work by Schumacher can be found in all major modern collections of Dutch museums. The painting "Field with Wheat Sheaf" is dated 1914. Schumacher was living in Amsterdam at the time. This is an early work with clear influences of van Gogh combined with the prevailing Amsterdam luminism. Loosjes-Terpstra says about this time : the foreign influence on Dutch art was predominantly of French origin and " that through the impressionist starting point, one increasingly sought more intense, more powerful expression so that impressionism often turned to expressionism" ( Loosjes-Terpstra, Modern Art in the Netherlands 1900-1914, Utrecht 1959 pp.314-323) Both statements hold true for Wim Schumacher in this painting that demonstrates intense (separated) use of color.

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