Still life with grapes Still life with grapes

M.C.J.W.H. (MARGARETHA) ROOSENBOOM 1843 Den Haag - 1896 Voorburg Still life with grapes

Olieverf/doek: 32 x 52 cm

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M.C.J.W.H. (MARGARETHA) ROOSENBOOM1843 Den Haag - 1896 Voorburg
Still life with grapes
Material & Technique
Height: 32 cm
Width: 52 cm
Rechtsonder gesigneerd "Margthetha Roosenboom"
Private collection The Netherlands.


As was the custom at the time, Margaret Roosenboom was not admitted to the Academy. She received her first painting education from her father: landscape painter Nicolaas Roosenboom in Brussels. In 1867, she returned to The Hague to learn watercolor painting with her grandfather Andreas Schelfhout. She married the painter Johannes Gijsbertus Vogel at the age of 49. Early on, she specialized in flower and fruit still lifes. Her style of painting was accurate and later early impressionistic, in all cases very talented. Margaret Roosenboom's still lifes were innovative in her time. She broke with the time-honored, static traditions in this genre and introduced a more lively way of composition. She usually chose one kind of flowers and depicted them naturally with a loose brushstroke. Colors were carefully chosen: light tones against a dark background. She was a member of Pulchri and exhibited internationally. Her work won many awards. She died at the age of 53 due to an accident.