P.J. (PETRUS JOHANNES) SCHOTEL 1808 Dordrecht (The Netherlands) - 1865 Dresden (Germany) Ships off the coast

Olieverf/paneel: 27 x 37,5 cm

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P.J. (PETRUS JOHANNES) SCHOTEL1808 Dordrecht (The Netherlands) - 1865 Dresden (Germany)
Ships off the coast
Material & Technique
Height: 27 cm
Width: 37,5 cm
Rechtmidden gemerkt op schip "P.J. Schotel"
Private collection The Netherlands.


Petrus Johannes Schotel was born in Dordrecht in 1808 and was the son of the well-known marine painter Johannes Christiaan Schotel. He was as talented as his father, who was also his teacher. In particular, he produced ship portraits and seascapes. His early paintings are quite dramatic and had many shades of brown and gray. His paintings became brighter and warmer in color through his travels to France between 1827 and 1829. In 1830 Jan went to work as a drawing instructor for the Royal Naval Institute in Medemblik. He was an expert on technical and historical ship details. He married Marie Victoire de Veye and their daughter Petronella Elisabeth later became an artist as well. In 1850 he left Medemblik and settled in Kampen for several years, then in 1860 he moved to Düsseldorf, to an artists' center. In 1860 Jan Schotel moved to Dresden and in 1865 he died there. You can find his work in all kinds of museums in the Netherlands, and it is clear to see that he was a follower of the classical Dutch school.