1861 Nantes (France) - 1918 Poncé-sur- le- Loir (France)

Maxime Maufrat (1861-1918) is a French painter of landscapes in Naturalist and Impressionist styles. Born in Nantes, France he was predestined to become a merchant in his father’s footsteps. His talent for painting was not taken seriously. To learn trade the young Maxime was sent to England. Ironically it was here he discovered the work of Turner that made him decide that he would become an artist. His visits to Wales and Scotland would become a lifelong inspiration. Paintings he saw by Alfred Sisley and especially by James McNeal Whistler influenced his style. After he met Gaugin in 1890, he spent time at the artists’ colony of Pont-Avent and at Puoldu and perfected his impressionist style. Marine painting became his favourite subject. Back in Paris in 1895 he signed a contract with Paul Durant-Ruel who would become his art-dealer and would organise multiple exhibitions till the death of Maufra at the age of 57 in 1918.

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